A Woman and Her Bugs – Sagra Buqueti

Those of you that follow Forged From Reverie will be aware of the ‘Man and His Pug’ series. Well, based on the Forge master’s suggestion I am bringing my own variation to you – A Woman and Her Bugs!

Over the years I’ve kept various kinds of stick insects and praying mantis, working in the pet industry has it perks…and temptations…

Throughout the past year I have got back into bug keeping, so I’ve decided to introduce you to some of my bug babies through a series of posts!

Everybody say ‘Hello’ to Malachite and Garnet, my Frog Leg Beetles (Sagra Buqueti)!


Aren’t they beautiful?! I brought these little stunners home with me at the beginning of February after we ordered some in at the pet store where I work. I fell in love instantly!

It’s amazing how much character these little bugs have!

Garnet is a Rainbow Frog Leg Beetle and is pretty laid back, only really bothering to move when he feels like eating. When he does decide to get some food he will usually want the same spot of the same chunk of sweet potato that Malachite is already eating…’cause sharing is caring, right?

Malachite is a Green Frog Leg Beetle, and is almost always active – constantly eating and going for a wander. During the evening we will regularly hear the tiny thud of him falling from the roof of their enclosure after he tries to climb somewhere a little more out of reach than he expected. When I go over to check on him I’ll usually find him flat on his back, legs flailing – all very dignified. I always give him a helping hand to get back up in the form of a finger hovering just above him, which he grips onto tightly while I move him to a position where he can put himself right.

Then we’ll repeat the whole process five minutes later…my beautiful little dumbass.