Updates and Coupons!

I’ve been tinkering with my Etsy store!

If it has all gone well (and given my lack of ability with all things technical it may not have done) there should now be a few new options.


Request custom order – Click the button to request something made to your specifications.

UK Signed for shipping – Upgrade your delivery method for a little extra security.

International standard shipping & International tracked shipping – You can now order from overseas! There should be an option to upgrade to tracked shipping. If any of my followers not in the UK could pop to my shop and let me know if those options are actually available, and what the prices for the two shipping options are showing up as I would really appreciate it!

I’ve also added a coupon for 20% off all orders, which will be valid until the end of May, so if you spot something you fancy while you’re there just type in ‘SHOP20OFF’ at the checkout! I’ll have a few more listings added in the next day or two.


Framing a Forest

A while ago I discovered Macabre Monthly Online Markets on Facebook, since finding them I have attended each month and seen so many beautiful pieces up for sale.

At the last market night I treated myself to two gorgeous prints from a business called Satin and Tat that I’d had my eye on for a while. Seeing just how good these prints looked when they arrived left me with a problem – I needed to find a frame that looked equally fantastic to do these pieces of art justice.

As usual I turned to Etsy, my go to place for all things pretty and unique! I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I couldn’t see it there.

Next I tried a couple of shops where I always find something a bit different.

Still nothing.

I gave up and decided to just go to a shop that I knew had a decent range of frames, just nothing out of the ordinary. Halfway through walking around I had the sudden realisation that I’m such an idiot!

I am a crafter. If I can’t find what I’m looking for, I make it!

I remembered the box full of twigs, pine cones, lichen and other bits of nature I had sitting in a box at home that I hadn’t found a use for yet. I picked up a cheap plain frame and headed home, excited at the prospect of creating something beautiful.

I put my print in it’s frame and gathered all my bits together to plan out how it was all going to go.

Bit by bit I laid out what I wanted on the frame, go it all exactly how I wanted it, knocked half of it on the floor, panicked a little…then laid it back out again and took some photos so I knew where everything had to go.


After gluing a couple of bits down I had a moment of ‘Are you sure this is where that went? It’s not sitting as flat as it was! Fix it!’

Eventually I got everything into position, gluing as I went and fighting to keep those stringy bits of glue from my glue gun well away from anything they weren’t supposed to be sticking themselves to.

After I’d finished I loved it, but felt it could do with a little something more. After remembering some amethyst chips I bought a couple of years ago I went to the big box of craft crap supplies I haven’t done anything with yet and dug them out, sorted through to find just the right shapes, and nestled them into the design.

When you start a craft project you get all these images and ideas running through your head of how the finished item is going to look. You get expectations of how it’ll turn out, and sometimes you find your ideas didn’t work so well.

This wasn’t one of those times.


I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t have bought anything more perfect!

It’s been a while since I’ve made anything, and doing this was exactly what I needed to get me motivated again. I have a second print waiting for its pretty new frame to be created, and I can’t wait to get started on it!

Goodbye Kathleen

I’d like to introduce you to Kathleen Mann, she was my Grandmother.


She passed away on March 31st this year, and this morning I attended her funeral.

While none of you will have known her, I felt she deserved to have a little of her story shared. Maybe somebody reading this will take comfort in knowing what she accomplished in life despite disability.

In her early 20’s she’s received the news that she had glaucoma and soon after she lost her sight. Rather than allowing this to ruin her life she accepted what couldn’t be changed and carried on, never letting her disability hold her back. She joined a local centre for the blind, and learned how to ride a horse and even how to drive. This tiny little blind woman, barely 4ft tall, got into a Land Rover and drove across Cannock Chase.

She baked, she sewed and she painted – and she did it all without the sense that we rely on the most.

This poem was written for the service, it’s a very fitting tribute to her character.

After a hip operation early this year one of her doctors made the comment ‘That’s one tough old lady’. He couldn’t have been more right.

I’m so proud to have been able to call somebody so strong my Nan, and as somebody that also suffers from glaucoma – I hope that I find some of that strength in me if I ever find myself left in the dark.


A Woman and Her Bugs – Sagra Buqueti

Those of you that follow Forged From Reverie will be aware of the ‘Man and His Pug’ series. Well, based on the Forge master’s suggestion I am bringing my own variation to you – A Woman and Her Bugs!

Over the years I’ve kept various kinds of stick insects and praying mantis, working in the pet industry has it perks…and temptations…

Throughout the past year I have got back into bug keeping, so I’ve decided to introduce you to some of my bug babies through a series of posts!

Everybody say ‘Hello’ to Malachite and Garnet, my Frog Leg Beetles (Sagra Buqueti)!


Aren’t they beautiful?! I brought these little stunners home with me at the beginning of February after we ordered some in at the pet store where I work. I fell in love instantly!

It’s amazing how much character these little bugs have!

Garnet is a Rainbow Frog Leg Beetle and is pretty laid back, only really bothering to move when he feels like eating. When he does decide to get some food he will usually want the same spot of the same chunk of sweet potato that Malachite is already eating…’cause sharing is caring, right?

Malachite is a Green Frog Leg Beetle, and is almost always active – constantly eating and going for a wander. During the evening we will regularly hear the tiny thud of him falling from the roof of their enclosure after he tries to climb somewhere a little more out of reach than he expected. When I go over to check on him I’ll usually find him flat on his back, legs flailing – all very dignified. I always give him a helping hand to get back up in the form of a finger hovering just above him, which he grips onto tightly while I move him to a position where he can put himself right.

Then we’ll repeat the whole process five minutes later…my beautiful little dumbass.

Past, Present & Future

Hello world of WordPress! I’m Vicki, and I am the owner of Minerva’s Emporium where I sell my handmade wares.

This post is about the past, present and future of Minerva’s Emporium. I will be introducing you all to the things I have made, the things I continue to make, and giving you a glimpse of what the future will hold for my little business.

I love to create things, always have done. I taught myself how to make jewellery a few years ago now, this rekindled my love of crafting which has led to me trying my hand at multiple crafts.

My older works were quite simplistic bead and charm designs, which for the most part I have now left behind. I found that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by simply taking ready made charms and just putting things together so I looked for ways to have more input over the materials I used. This led to me discovering precious metal clay as a means of creating unique pieces of jewellery, so far I have only made jewellery for myself using this material due to wanting to practice more with it, and to make sure anything I create from it to sell is up to my standards.

As my crafting progressed I developed a love for leather and gemstones, which led to leather wrap bracelets becoming the product I have been focusing on the most for the last couple of years and this is still the main thing I make. I plan on making these bracelets that little bit more unique by using silver clay to create my own buttons once I’ve perfected the use of the clay.

I also took up pyrography last year and am working on improving my skills in that area. My intention for the future is to incorporate my pyrography work into my products more with leather cuffs, wooden pendants etc.

I’ll also be hoping to add other items to my range such as trinket boxes, chopping boards,picture frames and pretty much anything wooden that I can burn something beautiful on to!

So that’s me, my products, and my plans. I hope you’ve seen something to pique your interest, feel free to stick around and see what else I have to share with you! While you wait for more posts you are welcome to browse my Etsy store which can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by!