Past, Present & Future

Hello world of WordPress! I’m Vicki, and I am the owner of Minerva’s Emporium where I sell my handmade wares.

This post is about the past, present and future of Minerva’s Emporium. I will be introducing you all to the things I have made, the things I continue to make, and giving you a glimpse of what the future will hold for my little business.

I love to create things, always have done. I taught myself how to make jewellery a few years ago now, this rekindled my love of crafting which has led to me trying my hand at multiple crafts.

My older works were quite simplistic bead and charm designs, which for the most part I have now left behind. I found that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by simply taking ready made charms and just putting things together so I looked for ways to have more input over the materials I used. This led to me discovering precious metal clay as a means of creating unique pieces of jewellery, so far I have only made jewellery for myself using this material due to wanting to practice more with it, and to make sure anything I create from it to sell is up to my standards.

As my crafting progressed I developed a love for leather and gemstones, which led to leather wrap bracelets becoming the product I have been focusing on the most for the last couple of years and this is still the main thing I make. I plan on making these bracelets that little bit more unique by using silver clay to create my own buttons once I’ve perfected the use of the clay.

I also took up pyrography last year and am working on improving my skills in that area. My intention for the future is to incorporate my pyrography work into my products more with leather cuffs, wooden pendants etc.

I’ll also be hoping to add other items to my range such as trinket boxes, chopping boards,picture frames and pretty much anything wooden that I can burn something beautiful on to!

So that’s me, my products, and my plans. I hope you’ve seen something to pique your interest, feel free to stick around and see what else I have to share with you! While you wait for more posts you are welcome to browse my Etsy store which can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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